At Taj Exotica Resort & Spa we ensure that your stay is a holistic experience, and you can feel the Taj vibe in each of our six signature rituals.

Ocean Bliss Welcome

Ease yourself into our island oasis with an ocean-inspired welcome and discover what awaits you with our Exotic Moments journey.

Morning Wellness

Begin each day with a revitalizing stretch of mind and body during a complimentary Bihar yoga session.

Afternoon Tea

Enjoy our blend of Arabian charm with Indian hospitality during Afternoon Tea in the Emperor Lounge.

Serene Sunsets

Experience the beautiful Palm Jumeirah sunset as we dim the lights and illuminate dozens of candles.

Sleep Ritual

Feel the benefits of a restful sleep thanks to our soothing in-room bath salts and herbal teas.

Cherished Farewell

Take a piece of our exotic lifestyle with you to remind you of your visit. You’ll soon start looking forward to your return.

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